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" Just when I thought all the doors were closed, Marian said yes. "
-Christina Fontana, RN


Marian University says YES to your

St. Vincent's unique partnership with St. Vincent offers an immersive, value-based education through interactive online learning and 750 clinical hours to prepare you for your future in nursing.

Yes to Your Potential

Marian University recognizes your potential.

Dedicated admissions advisors know that numbers can't nurse. They work with you to overcome obstacles so you can meet application requirements. Marian University offers students prerequisite-completion and degree-completion programs, academic support, and three start dates per year.

Yes to Your Success

Marian University's accelerated nursing school graduates are prepared.

Marian University's Accelerated BSN students consistently achieve higher-than-average scores on the NCLEX. Our ABSN graduates get jobs. They pass their exams. They become successful nurses.

Yes to Your Education

Marian University and St. Vincent provide an outstanding education.

  • Online coursework: Learn in a flexible environment
  • Simulation labs: Engage in immersive settings
  • 750 clinical hours: Experience real world nursing through St.Vincent
  • Value-based learning: Grow through a spiritually-centered education

Yes to Your Future

Through Marian University, you can meet demand.

As a registered nurse, you will have a high demand, high growth career. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than 400,000 jobs for nurses by 2024 - a growth 9 percent higher than all occupations. With a BSN, you can meet this demand and set yourself up for more career opportunities. Through Marian University, you will learn the skills and values necessary to prepare you to become a health care leader.

Say YES to your passion.

Say YES to Marian University.